We are the biggest Trusted Suppliers Network offering manufacturing services in the Aerospace, Rail, Shipbuilding, Agro-Food, Industrial and Energy Industries

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What is Intrustial?

A engineering team with large expertise in manufacturing

A group of engineers with manufacturing expertise and broad professional experience in Industry, Agri-Food, Shipbuilding, Energy, Aerospace and Rail Industries.

Trusted suppliers network

A trusted suppliers network with a large portfolio of manufacturing capabilities, previously trained and approved by us.

Our own metodology and software for purchases and manufacturing project management

A project management software developed by our team that allows us to guarantee very low prices and ensures to meet deadlines and quality in all our projects.

How does it work?

Requirements reception and analysis

When we receive the manufacturing order, we analyse the requirements of each part and decide the best manufacturing strategies.

Suppliers selection

We select the most appropiate supplier for each task from our Trusted Suppliers Network.

Order management

We make a full management, coordination and track of the suppliers using our digital platform.

Why is it done that way?

We divide each project and element into processes what allows to our suppliers to focus only in tasks they are experts.
This way, we avoid overcharges generated by chain outsourcing that produces extra margins for each level of outsourcing

What are the adventages of the metodology of Intrustial?

Reduce costs

As we avoid duplicated margins in the supply chain

Ensure quality

Thanks to progress tracking and the traceability of the projects from our platform

Reduce deadlines

Selecting the best supplier for the requirements of the order

Early Error detection

Doing a continuous tracking of the orders

Complete and organized documentation

Accesible with just one click on our platform

Order tracking in real time

For a better control of the suppliers and their coordination.

New suppliers

That offer a great variety of services

Just one platform

To ensure a homogeneus tracking and to guarantee the traceability

Kanban metodology

With real time visibility of the productive process

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